fergusonmama 20231109 Peppa Pig George Dino Rocker – Fun Ride-On Toy for Kids

Peppa Pig George Dino Rocker – Fun Ride-On Toy for Kids

Peppa Pig George Dino Rocker – Fun Ride-On Toy for Kids

Peppa Pig George Dino Rocker – Fun Ride-On Toy for Kids

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your little Peppa Pig fan? Look no further than the Peppa Pig George Dino Rocker! This colourful plush rocking dinosaur with a wooden base is the ideal ride-on toy for toddlers and kids ages 12 months and up.

Dino-Roar Adventures

Bring home the magic of Peppa Pig with George’s Dino Rocker, featuring a comfy seat in a green dino design that your little one will love rocking back and forth on. It’s the perfect way to add some excitement to playtime!

Rockin’ with George

Delight your Peppa Pig fans with hours of rocking fun while they watch their favourite show or jam out to their favourite tunes. The George Dino Rocker is the perfect gift that’ll light up their eyes with excitement!

Grow and Balance

Let your kids improve their balance and coordination skills while having a blast on this rocking animal toy. It encourages fun and active play right in your living room, providing a safe and enjoyable way for kids to stay active.

Peppa Loves the Forest

All items are made from responsibly sourced FSC-certified materials, meaning the wood products come from a sustainably protected managed forest with no harm done to the environment. You can feel good about choosing a toy that’s both fun and eco-friendly!

Hooray for Peppa Pig

Perfect for kids aged 12+ months, the George Dino Rocker promotes imaginative play and social skills while recreating scenes from their favourite episodes. Get ready for lots of fun, pretend play, and loads of laughter and snorting!

  • Colourful plush rocking dinosaur
  • Wooden base for stability
  • Encourages balance and coordination
  • FSC-certified materials
  • Perfect for kids aged 12+ months

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the George Dino Rocker suitable for outdoor use?

No, this toy is designed for indoor use only.

What is the weight limit for the George Dino Rocker?

The recommended weight limit is 50 pounds.

Is assembly required?

No, the George Dino Rocker comes fully assembled and ready to use.


The Peppa Pig George Dino Rocker is a fantastic ride-on toy that will bring joy and excitement to any Peppa Pig fan. With its colourful design, eco-friendly materials, and focus on active play, it’s the perfect addition to any child’s playroom. Get ready for roarin’ fun with George!