fergusonmama 20231021 Fuel Transfer Pump: The Ultimate Solution for Easy and Efficient Liquid Transfer

Fuel Transfer Pump: The Ultimate Solution for Easy and Efficient Liquid Transfer

Fuel Transfer Pump: The Ultimate Solution for Easy and Efficient Liquid Transfer

Are you tired of the hassle and mess of manually transferring liquids? Look no further than the Fuel Transfer Pump, the ultimate solution for easy and efficient liquid transfer. With its innovative features and portable design, this electric water pump is a game-changer for anyone in need of a reliable and convenient way to transfer liquids.

Effortless Liquid Transfer with Auto-stop Sensor & Leak Protection

Fast and Convenient

The Fuel Transfer Pump is designed to fill and empty liquids at maximum speed without the need for heavy lifting. Whether you need to transfer gasoline, diesel, non-drinking water, deodorant, antifreeze, cleaning fluid, thinner, urea, or any other liquid, this pump has got you covered.

Universal Adapter

The pump comes with a 40-inch hose made of highly durable polyethylene plastic, ensuring rust and corrosion resistance for long-distance transfers. Additionally, it includes four universal adapters (2-inch, 2.1-inch, 2.75-inch, 3.75-inch) that fit most tanks, making it versatile and suitable for various oil drums.

Please note that the Fuel Transfer Pump does not include a gas can.

Hands-free Operation and Battery Powered Convenience

Auto-stop Sensor

One of the standout features of the Fuel Transfer Pump is its auto-stop sensor. Located on the nozzle, this sensor automatically stops the pump action when the container is full. This not only provides a hands-free experience but also prevents fuel loss or accidental spills, ensuring a clean and efficient transfer process.

Battery Powered

The Fuel Transfer Pump is powered by 4 AA batteries (sold separately), allowing for easy portability and convenience. With a transfer rate of up to 2.4 gallons per minute or 9 liters per minute, this pump is perfect for gasoline, diesel, kerosene, or non-potable water transfers. While 4 AA batteries are recommended for daily use, it is possible to operate the pump with just 2 AA batteries during emergencies.

Durable and Reliable for Any Situation

Weather Resistant

The Fuel Transfer Pump features a power cover that prevents rain from entering and shorting circuits. This ensures that the pump remains functional and reliable even in adverse weather conditions. Whether you need it for your trunk, garage, shop, scrapyard, toolkit, shed, or closet, this pump is designed to be quick, clean, and dependable.

Don’t waste any more time and effort on manual liquid transfers. Invest in the Fuel Transfer Pump today and experience the convenience and efficiency it brings to your life.