fergusonmama 231011 Edwards Signaling 6536B-G5 Horn/Strobe: The Perfect Combination of Safety and Style

Edwards Signaling 6536B-G5 Horn/Strobe: The Perfect Combination of Safety and Style

Edwards Signaling 6536B-G5 Horn/Strobe: The Perfect Combination of Safety and Style

When it comes to safety devices, the Edwards Signaling 6536B-G5 Horn/Strobe stands out from the crowd. With its powerful sound and eye-catching blue design, this device not only ensures the safety of your premises but also adds a touch of style.

Features and Benefits

1. Powerful Sound

The 6536B-G5 Horn/Strobe is equipped with a high-decibel horn that can be heard from a distance. Its loud sound ensures that everyone in the vicinity is alerted in case of an emergency.

2. Bright Strobe Light

In addition to the horn, this device also features a bright strobe light. The flashing light grabs attention and provides a visual indication of the emergency, making it ideal for noisy environments or for individuals with hearing impairments.

3. Versatile Power Options

The 6536B-G5 Horn/Strobe can be powered by either 24VAC or 24VDC, providing flexibility in installation. Whether your premises have an AC or DC power supply, this device can be easily integrated into your existing safety system.

4. Sleek Blue Design

Gone are the days of boring, industrial-looking safety devices. The 6536B-G5 Horn/Strobe features a sleek blue design that adds a modern touch to any environment. Its aesthetic appeal makes it a perfect choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the 6536B-G5 Horn/Strobe be used outdoors?

A: Yes, this device is suitable for outdoor use. It is designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh environments.

Q: How can I install the 6536B-G5 Horn/Strobe?

A: Installation is simple and straightforward. The device comes with a mounting bracket and detailed instructions, allowing you to easily install it on walls or ceilings.

Q: Is the strobe light adjustable?

A: Yes, the strobe light has adjustable settings. You can customize the flash rate and intensity according to your specific needs.


The Edwards Signaling 6536B-G5 Horn/Strobe is not just your ordinary safety device. With its powerful sound, bright strobe light, versatile power options, and sleek blue design, it offers both functionality and style. Whether you need to enhance the safety of your home or business, this device is the perfect choice. Invest in the 6536B-G5 Horn/Strobe and experience the perfect combination of safety and style.