fergusonmama 20231019 E-Bike Conversion Kit – Convert Your Bike into an Electric Bike

E-Bike Conversion Kit – Convert Your Bike into an Electric Bike

E-Bike Conversion Kit – Convert Your Bike into an Electric Bike

E-Bike Conversion Kit – Convert Your Bike into an Electric Bike

Tired of riding for hours a day and feeling exhausted? Here we have the right equipment for you. Easily convert your bike into an electric bike with our conversion kits. An integral fuse protects the motor at all times.


  • Assistive Sensor (PAS) allows you to drive without throttle response. You can operate your e-bike however you want. Avoid uncomfortable wrist position during long rides and pedal smoothly anytime, anywhere.
  • Driven by brushless gear motor, light weight, low noise, stable operation and long service life, you can easily traverse any difficult terrain while enjoying the journey to your destination. Perfect for everyday use, on the way to work and on long trips.
  • The maximum load capacity of the drive is 150-250 kg. Double-walled alloy wheels feature reinforced stainless steel spokes for added tension. The top speed can reach 32-38km/h, and the efficiency is ≥90%. Once the brakes are applied, effective braking force is produced.

Package List

  1. Motor rim x1
  2. Controller x1
  3. Monitor x1
  4. Thumb throttle x1
  5. Electronic brake x1
  6. PAS sensor x1
  7. Brake sensor x1
  8. Motor adapter wiring
  9. Controller x1


  1. Make sure the connection between the motor and the controller is firm.
  2. The installation distance of the auxiliary device is about 5mm.
  3. The inner core of each connector is not damaged/broken/bent.
  4. Do not change the display parameters at will, use it directly.
  5. After completion, you can use the LCD to check whether the display interface shows an error code.

Modification Kit – Easily Convert Your Bike into an Electric Bike

Easily convert your bike into an electric bike. A conversion kit is ready to be installed, and the aluminum double-wall rims and hub motors are already attached. All you have to do is transfer the original tires to an electric bike conversion kit.

Powerful and Efficient

The maximum speed is about 35km/h, and the powerful motor can greatly improve the driving comfort. This conversion kit fits 20″/24″/26″/27.5″/28″/29″/700C wheels and fits most bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes, touring bikes and commuter bikes.

LCD Display

Upgrade your electric bike conversion kit to an LCD screen. It displays all basic information such as battery percentage, speed, total one-way distance, wattage, PAS level and error codes for easy troubleshooting.

Package Contents

The electric bike conversion kit includes all components needed for installation; hub motor, controller, display, accelerator, brake lever, pedal assist system, torsion arm and cable tie, etc. We’ll give you a controller pack for free! We put installation instructions in the package.

Installation Precautions

No battery. The power and voltage of the battery you buy should match our settings. During installation, make sure the cables are not mixed up. Otherwise, the product may be damaged. It only takes 1-2 hours for one person to complete the change.